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Office Software Thread, COUNTIF > Symbol in Technical; Am I messing this up? I am sure it works. I have a formula that calculates student residuals and returns ...
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    COUNTIF > Symbol

    Am I messing this up? I am sure it works. I have a formula that calculates student residuals and returns a numerical results that is positive or negative. I am trying to work out how many have a score greater then 0 with a second formula using COUNTIF to analyse the results. My COUNTIF formula looks right but it says there is an error every time.

    What's wrong with it?

    EDIT - Didn't wrap my criteria in quote marks.

    So uhh...yeah. Another case where I seek help then find the answer minutes later. I've been stumped on this for weeks and sure I tried that! >.<

    Oh well, answer is here for those that need it.
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    Sorry I know this is an old post. I searched for Residual and this came up.

    Can I ask how did you manage to calculate Residual for a student? I am currently trying to do this for KS5 students.
    any help would be amazing.


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