I've not been paying attention to this at all so apologies for the ignorance. The lines seem to have become very blurred between them in regards to MS Marketing.

From my understanding...

Office 2013 is just the next in the line of the standard desktop versions of Office like 2007, 2010 etc.

Office 365 is basically the MS equivalent of Google Docs?

If yes then would you only go with one? 2013 vs 365? Or would you get both because they work together well? I also understand the option is there to host your documents on the cloud for use in 365... does this mean an end to the spiralling mess that we call a library drive? Or are the documents sync'd between the cloud and your library drivers \ home areas etc?

Is it a case of Office 365 for working from home and 2013 for working at work? Or is there more to it than that?

Again sorry for what sounds like really basic questions but it's not something I've really been keeping upto date with at all.