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Office Software Thread, Deploy Open Office in Technical; Hi, I am thinking of using OpenOffice at the school, OO seems to be very popular at Universities in Australia. ...
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    Deploy Open Office

    Hi, I am thinking of using OpenOffice at the school, OO seems to be very popular at Universities in Australia.

    I found this link which seems almost too easy

    The hardest part appears to be stopping the registration screen appearing, and it refers to the following two utils.

    Orca: extract --> allows you to open vviewer.msi and make changes to the tables in the msi.
    Msitran.exe: --> extract which allows you to generate a new transform (MST) file based on the changed tables in the msi.

    Other links of interest.

    If you have a simpler solution I would love to know.
    - Best Roly

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    Re: Deploy Open Office

    the portable apps version can run from a share:

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    Re: Deploy Open Office

    Those instructions make it more complicated than it needs to be. You don't have to use MSITran.exe to create the transform. Open the MSI in Orca and then select 'New Transform' from the Transform menu. Make the required changes to the properties table and then select Transform > 'Generate transform' and then save the MST file.

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