Hi everyone,

We run MacBooks with 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and Office for Mac 2011. Server 2008 AD, Mac Mini.

The issue that appears to be effecting all the MacBooks is:

When playing a slide show in PP, the first slide loads OK, then any attempt to load the next (or any other slide) throws the error: "PowerPoint couldn't create a hyperlink to ."

This happens with student or admin logons, and with any .pptx file, freshly created, or imported / downloaded, saved or not.

I have tried the obvious steps, such as applying the latest Office patch, deleting the PowerPoint preferences.plist, restarting, repairing file permissions etc.

As we do not have any MCX / managed preferences applied by the Mac Mini, I am starting to run out of ideas. The last resort would be an uninstall and re-install of Office on each MacBook - If it came to that, I would just chuck Windows 7 on them all!
Obviously I have had a search on the web, but even though there are threads from 2004, I couldn't find anything helpful. Most of the threads mention a .dll issue, no help with Macs...
Any ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks !