Help, I've got no hair left and need to find some proof that there are issues in printing with Word 2007.

I have a document say for example A3, 18 pages, mix of all sorts, text, text boxes, word art, pictures, in all the document is 2Mb in size.

Prints to PDF ok, prints ok to a PCL driver but takes ages, file increases to some 150Mb, print to a postscript driver (printer has it) prints faster and only is around 6Mb but misses some of the text boxes/images out and cuts some text off.

File is a .docx, yet if saved as a .doc it seems to be ok.

Machine is Office 2007 SP3, now did try one with no service packs on and it was fine but after applying SP3 it fails, no I cannot uninstall to try again.

Any ideas?

Left to try are to install Open Office or Office 2010 to prove it will work ok, makes no different if printer is installed locally as TCP/IP port or on print server. LAN is 1Gb speed all new networking in recently. Problem been happening for a while, PCL like I said works ok but takes a good 10 minutes to just print one page if sent.

Anyone any ideas? Network is RM CC4, Windows XP clients SP3 and Office 2007 SP3.