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Office Software Thread, PowerPoint multiple-selection issue in Technical; Hi all, We have a teacher here that is trying to modify a presentation, he reported that when trying to ...
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    PowerPoint multiple-selection issue

    Hi all,

    We have a teacher here that is trying to modify a presentation, he reported that when trying to delete or select multiple slides nothing occurred.

    I've tried to resolve the issue but it appears to me that when selecting multiple slides the selection is being removed by some kind of input. The original slide would flash as if being clicked on, and the other slides would no longer be selected (I selected them using the CTRL and Shift methods). I also discovered that if I clicked underneath the final slide, that slide would be selected a moment later.

    When I opened the presentation on my computer I experienced no problems whatsoever – however mysteriously, when I created a new PowerPoint on his computer and created a couple of slides, this same issue occurred. When trying to select multiple slides it would jump back to the original selected slide. I then closed the PowerPoint that the teacher was having a problem with, and instantly the new PowerPoint that I made no longer had any multiple-selection issues. It seems to me that there is something, somewhere, on the PowerPoint that is causing this behavior over the entire application.

    I then tried copying slides from the original PowerPoint over to a completely new one, closed the original one, but this time the problem persisted. It’s as if there is some embedded issue in the slides, an element on the page that is causing PowerPoint to behave like this.

    As this is only occurring on his computer I have removed his profile. He has reported no change.

    What the hell could be going on!?



    Edit: I have tried multiple selection with the keyboard disconnected, same thing!
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