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    Office file compression using NXPowerLite for file servers


    Just wondering if anyone has used, or has experienced NXPowerLite for File Servers

    It claims to compress Office documents, JPEGs, PDFs and ZIP files (definable as to which ones, we'd probably only use it for Office filetypes). Like many, we've gone blue in the face asking teachers to tell students to compress images in PowerPoints for example.

    NXPowerLite for file servers apparently will solve all of the usual compression issues. Edu discount is 50% on £1095 per server. Still sounds a little expensive, but I think the reduction in storage on our SAN + backup tapes + time etc would be of huge benefit.

    I'm thinking about using the trial version.

    Would really appreciate any feedback if you've got any thoughts about 'inflicting' this product on our user storage servers. Looks like they've got some BIG players using it (HP, NASA, Sony, Virgin, Disney, IBM, Nike) - so it can't be that rubbish?!

    We'd need 3 copies, so could be worthwhile, as long as it doesn't really upset those who want to keep high quality versions of PPTXs.
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    Did you ever get NXPowerlite and if so have you been happy with it? Do you have any cautionary notes?

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