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Office Software Thread, VBA and Micros issues a cry for help in Technical; A final cry for help here as I dont know what is happening. I copied the cd to the server ...
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    VBA and Micros issues a cry for help

    A final cry for help here as I dont know what is happening.

    I copied the cd to the server and set up a bat file to deploy. I also used the office OCT tool to help. everything deployed ok.

    But we are having issues with VBA or Macros, both in excel and word. VBA.png in word we have the same kind of problem asking about macros etc.

    Now I have logged on a few computers as administrator and done the trust center > enable macros bit and also gone into add remove programs and made sure that VBA for office or what its called is installed as part of the office package and still getting the same errors.

    Any ideas?

    REM --- Check If installed

    if exist "%systemdrive%\office2010.txt" goto_END

    REM --- Deploy To win7

    "\\DC1\Software\OFFICE14\x86\setup.exe" /config "\\DC1\Software\OFFICE14\x86\Standard.WW\config.xm l"

    copy /y "\\DC1\netlogon\Office2010\Office2010.txt" "%systemdrive%\office2010.txt"

    REM --- END of Script OFFICE TXT should be in C:\Local
    <Configuration Product="Standard">
    	<!-- <Display Level="none" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" /> -->
    	<!-- <Logging Type="standard" Path="%temp%" Template="Microsoft Office Standard Setup(*).txt" /> -->
    	<!-- <USERNAME Value="Customer" /> -->
    	<!-- <COMPANYNAME Value="MyCompany" /> -->
    	<!-- <INSTALLLOCATION Value="%programfiles%\Microsoft Office" /> -->
    	<!-- <LIS CACHEACTION="CacheOnly" /> -->
    	<!-- <LIS SOURCELIST="\\server1\share\Office;\\server2\share\Office" /> -->
    	<!-- <DistributionPoint Location="\\server\share\Office" /> -->
    	<!-- <OptionState Id="OptionID" State="absent" Children="force" /> -->
    	<!-- <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="IfNeeded" /> -->
    	<!-- <Command Path="%windir%\system32\msiexec.exe" Args="/i \\server\share\my.msi" QuietArg="/q" ChainPosition="after" Execute="install" /> -->
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