High all,

Is there a quick and easy way that I can change a table like the one below....

Name ......Subject...Grade
Joe Bloggs Art C
Joe Bloggs DT D
Joe Bloggs Sci C
Joe Bloggs Hist D
Joe Bloggs Geog D
Joe Bloggs Math C
Jane Doe Art A
Jane Doe DT B
Jane Doe Sci A
Jane Doe Hist C
Jane Doe Geog B
Jane Doe Math A
Sue Smtih Art E
Sue Smith DT D
Sue Smith Sci E
Sue Smith Hist F
Sue Smith Geog D
Sue Smith Math A

To look like this....

Name........Art DT Sci Hist Geog Math
Joe Bloggs C D C D D C
Jane Doe A B A B C A
Sue Smith E D E F D A

I have over 2000 rows to of data an don't want to paste transpose each and every single person!

Any help would be most grateful!