We have a Samsung 32" TV in the reception area that plays video via a usb port. Until recently, I have used Camtasia to convert Powerpoint presentations to an AVI file and then Adobe Premiere Elements 8 to get it to a compatible mpeg format. Once I'd got the format and scale right, it produced a pretty good video but not one I was 100% happy with. Some of the transitions flashed a bit and the resolution was only ok.

I have just used the 2010 video creation. I still had to use Premiere to convert the wmv file to mpeg but the results are stunning and it's a lot easier to produce. There are other utilities out there that can convert wmv to mpeg but I've got Premiere and I'm used to it.

So, for around 300, we have a signage system that does the job more than adequately. The plans are now to extend it into other areas of the school.