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Office Software Thread, Microsoft Office in Technical; Hello all, One of our users is still using Microsoft Office 2000 (she prefers it). She all of a sudden ...
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    Microsoft Office

    Hello all,

    One of our users is still using Microsoft Office 2000 (she prefers it).

    She all of a sudden experienced an issue when opening office, it just hung there with a white screen and not responding for around 2/3 minutes and then the usual message popped up saying not responding, end now etc. I have removed office, but when I come to install it again - I get the following error;

    Error 1919: error configuring ODBC data source: MS Access Database, ODBC error 6: component not found in registry. Verify that the file MS Access Database exists and that you can access it. CANCEL RETRY IGNORE.
    The only option that will continue is the ignore option. Once I click on this, I get this error message;

    Error 1919: Error configuring ODBC data source: dBASE Files, ODBC error 6: Component not found in registry. Verify that the file dBASE exists and that you can access it.
    Once I click ignore on this, exactly the same errors appear in the exact same format for Excel.

    I have gone into OBDC Data Sources from control panel, and can see there are inputs for excel and databases. I can't remove these as it says

    The setup routines for the Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf) ODBC driver could not be found. Please reinstall the driver.
    Anybody got any clues about this?

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    Reinstall the MDAC and start investigating museums for the user to work it as an alternative.

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    Install Office 2003? I know you said she prefers 2000 but really can't see why someone would object an upgrade from 2000 to 2003.

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