I am a pretty new user to Access and I have created a form which is going to be used for a data capturing exercise.

It involves about 20 "criteria" on the LH side e.g. Making notes, using exam papers, presenting work and for each of these criteria I have a 2nd subject column next to each of these criteria e.g. Art , Science and then a 3rd column with a score of 1 to 6 e.g 1 = always , 6 = never .

This form would normally be on a pupil by pupil basis so we would want to save multiple values with one click

The problem I have is how to save this "grid" of values with a single submit button. At the moment I can only save one row at a time.

I wondered if anyone knows of some sample code I can attach to the submit button perhaps with multiple insert statements so that the user can save 20 rows of data at a time?

I understand databases, tables, triggers ( albeit in Oracle) very well but am less au fait with Access forms

Any help appreciated