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O/S Deployment Thread, Computer Naming in Technical; Hi, Sorry for creating another thread but I have done some Googling/searching etc and have just confused myself even more. ...
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    Computer Naming


    Sorry for creating another thread but I have done some Googling/searching etc and have just confused myself even more.

    I have resorted to using MDT for deploying Windows 7, and thank god I did its so much easier. I am using this in conjunction with WDS, but all WDS is really doing is holding the boot image/s that are created by MDT.

    I would like to specify the name the computer builds as and into which OU beforehand, like I used to using our old deployment server. I have tried to set it by right clicking on the server in WDS going to Properties and on the 'AD DS'. However when the computer builds it does not take this into account .... it tries to build as something like MIMINT etc .... and doesn't specify an OU.

    Can anyone offer any help on how to specify this beforehand, if not then I will just have to do it manually whilst building, which is time consuming but ....

    Many thanks in advance


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    It is possible but you need to be running the SQL side of MDT to do it. I've manged to get this bit working by using MAC addresses but you can also use UUID.
    There is an incredibly good resource on the web which takes you through most of this I'll try and find it and post.

    EDIT link to resource

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