I want to use an unattend.xml file for win 7 64bit image before uploading my master image to WDS. I have looked into this and see that can be created using various techniques such as WAIK, MDS etc. All these methods seem over complicated for what used to be such a simple task in XP?!?

All i want is a simple unattend.xml that will:

Let me input activation key
stop and prompt for a computer name (i have read about MySysprep but not sure if this works with WDS?)
stop and prompt for a local user account
join a domain (possibly)

so my question is:

Can i just copy an x64 unattend.xml file, edit the sections i want, and save it in the sysprep folder (or attach to image in WDS) before executing sysprep (or MySysprep)

Has anybody got an example of this i can work with. All the ones i have seen on here seem to be x86?

Many thanks