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O/S Deployment Thread, WDS - Win XP in Technical; Hi all, We have a couple of HP 630's in the school, when wdsing using our xp image they blue ...
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    WDS - Win XP

    Hi all,

    We have a couple of HP 630's in the school, when wdsing using our xp image they blue screen due to a driver needing to be installed at installation, we have created an image that works on these laptops, is their a way to sysprep the machine without removing the drivers as this image will only be used on these laptops.

    Many Thanks

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    I would have thought you could add the drivers to your Boot Image or Install Image without worrying about the effect it might have on other laptops. Or you could create another Boot Image/Install Image on your WDS server and use that/those when working with these laptops only?

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    Xp sysprep dosent remove drivers at least by default

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