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    Ghost issues with Dell Optiplex 390's

    Hi all,

    Iím using Ghost 11 to deploy images, I have some new dell OptiPlex 390's and have made the image and uploaded it. However when I come to ghost a machine I cannot seem to get it to boot off network, I have 1 message that pops up often saying
    Error: Unable to control A20 line!
    XMS Driver not installed

    I have tried creating a .sys file with the driver for the network card, realtek PCIe GBE family controller. I have also tried using the universal packet driver. After creating the reltek one it told me that it couldnít find the correct hardware.

    I'm stressing slightly and the 7 cups of coffee that Iíve had this morning do not seem to be fixing the problem.

    Any Suggestion/help would be appreciated.... Iím going to give up for the moment and attack a photocopier that seems to be broken.


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    We had problems with the WOL and netbooting this model although we were using FOG for our imaging. We only brought two of this model at the end of last year and already both motherboards have been replaced. I think there has been new bios updates, so I would check this first. The replacement boards, I think, came with the latest revision. I remember looking to turn off the deep sleep feature and it had disappeared from the new boards.

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