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O/S Deployment Thread, Integrating Office, Visio and Project deployments via MDT in Technical; Hey there everyone! I have a question regarding integrating the installation of Visio and Project into Office 2010 Pro Plus ...
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    Integrating Office, Visio and Project deployments via MDT

    Hey there everyone!

    I have a question regarding integrating the installation of Visio and Project into Office 2010 Pro Plus via MDT.
    I can get stand alone installations of either Office, Project or Visio via MDT deployments work fine:

    - Create MDT application by copying source files from the appropriate CD
    - Configure the installation with the OCT (Office Customization Toolkit)
    - Set application to install during OS deployment by either setting it as a mandatory application in CustomSettings.ini, or adding it as an application entry in the task sequence

    Is there any way to combine the installations of Office 2010, Project and Visio? I can combine the source installation CDs, import the entire directory into a single MDT application listing and even leave separate MSP files for Office, Project and Visio in the /Updates directory. However, if I donít specify which product I would like to install, I am prompted to do so during deployment. I can add separate MDT applications entries in from the same MDT applications directory, but this seems to create issues with how and what order MSP files are run from the Updates directory. It doesnít appear to be possible to import the settings for the separate installations into the same MSP file.

    Is there any way of properly combining these installations via MDT, or do I just need to keep separate directories with separate MDT application entries?

    Thanks in advance or advice on this query any help with this.

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    Haven't got a clue about combining the source for Office, Project and Visio, but it's probably asking for trouble.

    I would make three separate applications, then a fourth configured in the new application wizard as *application group* - add the first three to that in the order you want them to install, and then add the application group to the task sequence.

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    Why can't you just create 3 seperate MDT apps each with their own answer files?

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