Hi guys,

I am currently playing around with the Wizard screens used during a litetouch deployment, one of the minor annoyances we have had is that using MDT 2010/12 if you pick a task sequence you then have to click next to get to the computer naming screen. I have been able to combine both of these sections into one wizard pane and have written a brief bit of documentation on it here.

The challenge I am currently working on is to also provide a checkbox to allow SIMS to be installed as part of the build process, we currently have a batch file which I was going to import as an application and have in the task sequence with some filtering based on the task sequence variable. Although I could achieve this by using the applications pane of the wizard I was hoping to be able to add it to the bottom of the single pane I have created, doing this would allow most machines to be built without SIMS but for the few that need it a quick tick and we are done.

I have found a few resources on the net which appear to provide a popup during the task sequence but as I have already said I want a tick and walk away option if possible.

For a bit of background we are not using the database as we are working in Primary schools and the database does not really offer any benefits over the way we work now, prestaging is not an option as the schools buy kit as and when and we set it up as needed.

I have been able to put a checkbox into the wizard pane but am stuck as to how we actually transfer the checked/unchecked value into the variables.dat file so that it becomes usable across reboots. I know we need to have some form of .vbs file to make the change but my efforts so far have been unsucessful. I have created the variable in the Customsettings.ini file found under the MDT share rules so the variable is definately there to be used, I have confirmed this by pausing the TS during deployment and can see the empty marker for the variable.

Thanks for any help you can offer


Popup during TS
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