I'm just wondering what peoples practices are for deploying new Win7 or XP images to client machines. How do you prepare the master image, what do you use to image and what processes happen after imaging?

I'm coming from an eDir / ZENworks shop, with very little AD experience (as strange as that sounds) with 100% XP machines, where I currently run a vbs script on my master machine before uploading the image, which continues running after the image is downloaded to configure the image for a particular school.

Now we'll be deploying Win7 and XP together. I've read that one way to create the master is to put the machine in audit mode, but that just logs me into the local Administrator account, I think I'll need at least a domain user account (if not domain admin) to install apps or make config changes, is this correct? Thoughts on this?

Currently we make limited use of group policies, the vbs scripts set everything from homepage to screensaver to Novell client settings to timezone (we have schools in 2 timezones) for a specific local Windows user account to which ZENworks logs our users into. It's kind of like setting up the Default user profile in the AD world. How to other organizations handle this problem?