Morning all,

It's a Sunday, but the brain never stops planning more ways to make days easier!

With SCCM 2012, there is no PXE option for Branch Distribution Points. The 'preferred way' is to send out bootable media to your branch offices/centres and then do the install from them.

Now I don't know about you lot, but I wouldn't trust a lecturer to go round a load of computers and boot them from a memory stick or cd! Not that I'm putting them down, just that their skill sets lie in other areas!

I want to have the BDP in each centre, and then have the computers onsite PXE boot to the main SCCM server at the main site, and then use the BDP at its own centre.

Is this possible? We have VPN's with leased lines ranging from 5MB to 100MB between centres, so bandwidth isn't too much of a problem, just not enough for a full deploy.

In my mind, changing the DHCP 66/67 options on each branch server to point to the HQ SCCM server will do it. Is it that simple? or am i being incredibly naive!

Any help appreciated(psychiatric especially welcome )