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O/S Deployment Thread, KMS Muddle in Technical; Hi All, I have managed to really muddle my mind trying to get Win 7 KMS licenceing to work. I ...
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    KMS Muddle

    Hi All,

    I have managed to really muddle my mind trying to get Win 7 KMS licenceing to work. I managed to work out how to setup a KMS host for office 2010 and it is working (don't ask why we did it this way round).
    But try as I might I cannot get my head around the combination of events/actions that I need to have/do to get the windows 7 activation working.
    Right here is the current status
    KMS host 2008 R2 server licenced with a MAK_B licence and validating Office 2010 KMS clients
    Q1 Can I use this to validate win 7 kms
    Q2 If so how can I get the server to act as KMS host for Win 7 as the clients I have set up report no KMS server available.
    Q3 Can I force activation from a client to stop the installation timing out before I reach the required 25 clients for automatic validation because we are in a testing phase.
    Cheers in anticipation

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    Q1 = Should be able too as long as you add a Windows 7 KMS key
    Q2 = We had that problem, it seams to go away once you hit the 25 limit mentioned in Q3
    Q3 = Never found a way round it either, it is a pain until you reach that 25 limit

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    If you're in a testing phase, use the MAK keys for now - you can switch them over to KMS later if you want to.

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