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O/S Deployment Thread, 1 image > multiple hardware types in Technical; Just wanting to pick the brains of those who have already done it... My aim when deploying 7 is to ...
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    1 image > multiple hardware types

    Just wanting to pick the brains of those who have already done it...

    My aim when deploying 7 is to take one Gold image (which I'll either prepare manually or via a Task Sequence) then send it out to all the various hardware types on the network.

    In theory this should work something like...

    - prepare image on some sort of virtual platform (might as well use vSphere)
    - capture as per usual
    - add driver packages to SCCM
    - apply WMI query to task sequence
    - apply correct driver pack as required
    - Windows should then auto install drivers and produce a complete imaged machine

    The only thing I'm wondering about is how much to strip the driver folders down. On one hand I want to ensure I don't get any pointless autorun programs (sound and graphics usually the offenders) but on the other don't want to end up debugging spurious errors if I go too far...

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    I used to install the driver manually or with the installer, then use the driver backup function on DriverMax to get just the required components.

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    What PCs you got? Dell do cab files containing all the drivers and afaik theres no crap in there. Otherwise I've always used driverpacks.net to make an image which contains just about every driver for every device ever... though you do occasionally find a flaky driver in there

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    You can do all of this using imagex and winPE which are free tools and builtin from microsoft..

    Prepare the image, inject the driver files, sysprep (or whatever the quivalent now is) it, deploy and sit back with a coffee.

    i got all the notes somewhere if you decide to do this

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