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O/S Deployment Thread, Ghost can't detect external USB HDD in Technical; I'm having an annoying problem on a laptop im trying to create an image on which will be used on ...
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    Ghost can't detect external USB HDD

    I'm having an annoying problem on a laptop im trying to create an image on which will be used on another of the same model, these are fairly old dell laptops which we do not have the OEM XP disc around anymore. Im trying to use an external HDD with its own power supply as I often do and use on comptuers to quickly image machineas if required during school hours.

    I'm booting a standard ghost package from a USB made in ghost boot wizard, with USB enabled and the HDD plugged in at boot Im stuck at the Starting PC DOS screen and have no progress but it will boot fine without the external HDD connected. Without the USB enabled during the boot package making I can boot with the external HDD connected but it is not picked up.I have tryed using the -NOIDE -NOUSB -FNI and -FFX switches with no luck, if I use the -FORCEUSB ghost freezes loading up the GUI.

    I have used this HDD and ghost package mutliple times on other machines without any problems and im unsure what the best solution is.
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    Had a similar issue with an old laptop. In the end I created a Windows PE CD and stuck the windows version of Ghost on it. Picked up USB hard disk everytime with that.

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