Hi all;

I am trying to install fog and am getting this error:

2011-07-30 16:06:12 UTC
Setting up and starting MySql../lib/redhat/functions.sh: line 472: chkconfig: command not found ...Failed!

that is the error im getting..

after doing a yum install chkconfig i am getting package chkconfig- already installed and latest version nothing to do

I am on centos 5.6 and trying to install for 0.32.

php -v shows PHP 5.1.6 (cli)

also when i first launch the fog installer right under where it says Version: 0.32 Installer/Updater it says

../lib/common/input.sh: line 35: ifconfig: command not found
../lib/common/input.sh: line 36: ifconfig: command not found
../lib/common/input.sh: line 37: route: command not found

I am logged in as root. I did an echo $PATH and got this:


any help is much appreciated.