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O/S Deployment Thread, trying to get xp to deploy in english not yank in Technical; i have been trying to deploy xp via mdt with the regional setup etc as uk rather than us. Tried ...
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    trying to get xp to deploy in english not yank

    i have been trying to deploy xp via mdt with the regional setup etc as uk rather than us. Tried sysprep which seems to help a bit and just tried editing the tasks unattend.txt to the below

        UnattendMode = FullUnattended
        OemSkipEula = Yes
        OemPreinstall = Yes
        OemPnPDriversPath = "\Drivers"
        TargetPath = \Windows
        DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
        DUDisable = Yes
        DUStopOnError = No
    ;    ExtendOemPartition = 1			; If Set extends disk partition to end of disk or by x MB
    ;    FileSystem = ConvertNTFS			; Specify wheter to leave filesystem alone or convert to NTFS
    ;    AutoActivate = No				; Determines if Windows should auto activate over Internet
    ;    ActivateProxy = Proxy			; Proxy Setting to use when auto activating windows
        CrashDumpSetting = 3		 	; 3=small memory dump 0-3
        DisableDynamicUpdates = Yes 		; Don't go get updates from Internet during install
        Hibernation = Yes				; Yes=Enables hibernation, No=Disabled hibernation
        WaitForReboot = No				; Yes=Wait 15seconds after guimode setup to reboot
    ;    ComputerType =				; Defines Custom HAL type
    ;    Factory = Yes				; Used in conjuction with OPK If yes will not delete Sysprep directory
    ;    ForceHalDetection = No			; Used in upgrades to keep previous hal
        Keyboardlayout = "United Kingdom		; Allows specification of keyboard type
    ;    NTUpgrade = No				; Indicates whether or not this is an OS upgrade	
    ;    OverwriteOEMFilesOnUpgrade = 0		; Indicates whether OEM files should be overwritten
    ;    Repartition = 1				; Only when booting to CD specify 1 to repartition hard disk
    ;    UnattendSwitch = No			; Set to yes during winnt installation to skip welcome
    ;    Win9xUpgrade = No				; Indicats if this is an upgrade and to use [Win9xUpg] section
    ; This section has settings to allow an upgraded system to be uninstalled
        "cscript.exe C:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start"
        "cscript.exe D:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start"
        "cscript.exe E:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start"
        "cscript.exe F:\MININT\Scripts\LiteTouch.wsf /start"
        AutoMode=PerSeat				; Licensing Mode usually perseat
    ;    AutoUsers=50				; When in PerServer mode=number of licenses
    ; IF this section is used the Winnt32.exe /copysource:lang setting must be specified
    ;    InputLocale_DefaultUser=			; Specifies the Inputlocal and keyboard setting for default user
    ;    UserLocale_DefaultUser=			; Locale ID for default User
    ;    InputLocale				; Locale\Keyboard combinations to be installed
    Language = 0809    ; language locale to be installed
    LanguageGroup = 2    ; Language Group to be installed
    SystemLocale=0809:00000809 			; System Locale to be specified
    ;    UserLocale=				; User Locale setting
    ;    Arguments=					; Used with Detached programs to provide arguments
        OEMSkipRegional=1				; Indicates Regional info GUI to be skipped in setup
    ;     EncryptedAdminPassword=No			; For OEMs allows use of hashpwd.exe cannot be used with autologon
        TimeZone="010"				; Sets Timezone 010=Mountain
        OemSkipWelcome=1				; Used to skip welcome screens in GUI setup
    ;    ProfilesDir=""				; Allows to change default location of profiles
        AutoLogon="Yes"				; Indicates that system should autologon after reboot
        AutoLogonCount=999				; Number of times to auto logon
    ;    DetachedProgram=""				; Specifies programs to run concurrently with Setup
    ;    CreateComputerAccountInDomain=Yes
    ;    JoinDomain="CONTOSO"
    ;    MachineObjectOU= "OU=Workstations, dc=contoso, dc=com"
    ;    DomainAdmin="Contoso\Administrator"
    ;    DomainAdminPassword="password"
       OrgName="over the rainbow"
        BitsPerPel=16				; Number of colors in display
        Xresolution=1024				; X resolution typically 1024
        YResolution=768				; Y resolution typically 768
        Vrefresh=60					; Vertical refresh rate
    ; Used when custom disk drivers must be specified
    ; Enter the description name =Retail or OEM
    ; This section is used to specify custom HALs, and also maps to the Mass Storage Device section
    ; Used by RIS Clients Only
    (the rest is untouched as is most of that but was too long to post
    but when i try and use the task i just get an error screen (cunningly hidden behind another window grrr)


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    looks fine to me apart from the missing " after Keyboardlayout = "United Kingdom.

    You may also want to change the timezone from 010 to 085 for the UK/GMT time zone.

  3. Thanks to computer_expert from:

    sted (15th July 2011)

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    thanks that got it now i just need to work out why my dotnet 3.5 application fails error 2 no system restore state or some such lol

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