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O/S Deployment Thread, SCCM 2007 / Application Delivery in Technical; Thinking over moving over to SCCM 2007 , so giving it a whirl. Almost got there, but one issue that ...
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    SCCM 2007 / Application Delivery

    Thinking over moving over to SCCM 2007 , so giving it a whirl. Almost got there, but one issue that is nagging me i cannot find a solution for.

    We have 2 Task sequences, 1 for Staff laptops 1 just a standard task sequence for everywhere else. Both for Windows 7.

    Now say we have a peice of software we want to push out to Teachers laptops, say Serif Draw Plus.

    We could have a collection called Staff Laptops. We could advertise the software to that collection, and then afterwards update the Staff Laptop task sequence to also install the software. So all staff laptops should silenty install Serif Draw Plus in the background, and if they are re-installed, they will get it via a task sequence. That is all working fine.

    Except only the ICT Teachers need Serif, and we have software in Science that only the Science Teachers need on there laptops.

    Logically i would create sub collections under Staff Laptops Collection, ie Science, ICT, then advertise just the deployment of that package to that collection. Except its not that easy as when you re-install the OS any advertised packages do not get re-installed, hence having to add them to the task seqence.

    I do not want to end up with a task sequence for each department, because when i want to make a change to effect the building of all machines i will have silly amounts of task sequences to modify.

    Can any SCCM 2007 users see how to solve the issue? The issue seems to be that SCCM 2007 is badly designed and does not see when a PC has been re-installed and re-deploy any advertised packages......

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    Depends how the advert is setup, if its setup to run 'only if task sequence failed' or 'always'. Modifying the advert should change whether it is re installed or not.

    An easy one depending on licencing.... let them install their own software from SCCM. Non mandatory deployment.

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    Agree with @Theblacksheep - create an advertisment that allows the user to install from the "Run Advertised Programs" Applet in Control Panel

    Advertised Applications are not appearing in Run Advertised Programs - www.windows-noob.com

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