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O/S Deployment Thread, Fog - Storage Node in Technical; this may come as a daft question but I have made a new storage node in FOG however - I ...
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    Fog - Storage Node

    this may come as a daft question but I have made a new storage node in FOG however - I have it running in a VM and was wondering how to set the Image Location to a remote drive on another machine - at the moment it says /images/ but the local drive isnt big enough - any ideas on what I can put in there to make it use a drive on another machine ?

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    Hmmm, I'd think you would have to mount an external share and change the path to the mountpoint.

    >This Page< goes through the process of adding a second HDD and mounting /images on it. You should be able to re-use the latter part of the process to automount to a share.


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