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O/S Deployment Thread, Capture task windows 7 in Technical; Hello Can anyone tell me how to capture a windows 7 machine with all the software install using sccm . ...
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    Capture task windows 7


    Can anyone tell me how to capture a windows 7 machine with all the software install using sccm. I can do a build and capture find but now I have a workstation with apps install ready to be captured using sccm it's on a workgroup and not joined to the domain

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    Did u install the OS using a SCCM OSD TS? I'm thinking if you did, it will have created a computer resource of it in SCCM, which you cud then use to place in a seperate Collection and then advertise a PXE Bootable "Capture Image" Task Sequence, which you can then use as a reference image

    I've got one OSD TS that "creates and captures" the reference image i.e. it installs the OS, applications, a few tweaks etc, and then captures it - all in one TS.

    Then with that captured wim, its used in a OSD Deploy TS where the TS joins the computer your deploying to the domain along with driver specific models etc.

    (P.S. the capture location + file name is set to the same location + file name of the wim used as the source wim for the deployment OSD TS - just needs a Distribution Point "update" after its been captured )

    I know thats not quite what ur asking, but hopefully theres a few ideas for ya there

    Oh, another one, possibly if you use the Import Computer Information (under Operating System Deployment > Computer Association), put in the MAC and computername in there, and once its appeared in SCCM, you should be able to add that to a collection, then make and advertise a PXE bootable Capture TS to that collection to capture it (at least, thats the logic in my head hehe)

    Let us know how that goes or if any of that helps

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