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O/S Deployment Thread, Images not being Gziped in Technical; My fog images are not being Gziped any more. When we first installed Fog during the Fog process it would ...
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    Images not being Gziped

    My fog images are not being Gziped any more.

    When we first installed Fog during the Fog process it would make a folder with the image name in its images folder. After the image had finished this folder would be Gziped into a file and the folder deleted.

    Now for some reason the folder is not being Gziped any more and I am left with a folder for the image containing the files rec.img.000 and sys.img.000

    We have just started to take fog images of Windows 7 but I dont think this is related.

    I think it might be a permissions thing.

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    Don't panic, this is by design. Fog uses a special kind of Disk image when you select partition image with a windows 7 machine to allow it to handle the extra 100mb system partition which comes with windows 7. The 000 files should still be compressed, but as with the disk images, a folder containing multiple files is used instead of one gzip file.

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