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O/S Deployment Thread, [FOG] Dell Deployment in Technical; Hi, I've not had much luck with this request on FOG's own support page so thought I would equire amongst ...
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    [FOG] Dell Deployment


    I've not had much luck with this request on FOG's own support page so thought I would equire amongst other education based IT folk!

    I'm having a few problems creating an image of Dell Optiplex 320 desktops at the school I work on behalf of.

    PC Spec:
    Dell Optiplex 320 DT
    Intel Celeron D
    BIOS 1.1.4
    60GB hard drives
    2GB RAM

    Server running FOG 0.30. It isn't a fantastic spec, but does what we need at this early stage.

    The machines will PXE boot correctly and get to the FOG menu. However when I try to do anything but "memtest", the error we get on the desktops is:
    fb: conflicting fb hw usage radeonrmfb vs vga 16 vga - removing generic driver
    ata1 soft reset failed
    wistron_btns : system unknown

    2 machines do proceed and register with the server following this error. The other 28 will PXE boot, but die just after a "tps65010 no chip?" error. The screen gets a series of vertical lines on it or goes blank and sits there until it is rebooted.

    We have changed IP address of the server and I modified the config in the FOG admin (FOG_WOL_HOST, FOG_TFTP_HOST, FOG_WEB_HOST and in All Storage Nodes > Default Member). The server has been rebooted since this action was taken. (I know this is Ubuntu but it's a Windows habit, just in case..)

    I've checked the graphics settings in the BIOS comparing a broken machine to a working one but can't see any fix. We have about 45 of these machines in total and really want to roll out images using FOG. We have another 20 laptops to be rolled out shortly, so anything to make the process easier will be well received..

    I've tried some of the kernel parameters with regard to vga/video, but they didn't seem to do anything so either I put them in the wrong place, or they just don't do anything to fix it.. Ideally I'd like to perform the full host registration and inventory on these machines because it will be useful information to have later on.

    The only other option I can see is to enter the MAC and hostname manually in FOG, then get the FOG server to pull the image off the machine. The first machine has all the software and updates on, has been dropped from the domain, has the Windows Support Tools and FOG service installed and has been sysprepped. Do I just set the task via the FOG panel, reboot the machine into Windows, wait for the initial stuff to happen as it will be the first boot, then let FOG to pull the image of?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    You can try an older kernel from an older fog release, or build your own, or try one with broader hardware support from the kernel updates menu in the management interface (try a KS one).

    Also might be worth plugging in a CRT monitor if you are using a TFT one, some of ours won't display some screens when using WDS deployments depending on the screen resolution.

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    As morganw said, I'd agree it's likely a kernel issue. The latest one seems to have added framebuffer support - one model I have now displays the fog stuff in a small corner of the screen which is set to a high resolution. There are also a lot of "error" messages which fly past which I think can safely be ignored, though are a little worrying at first. I think they're to do with probing vendor specific hardware which complains when it sees another manufacturer's system.

    Roll back to the last 0.29 KS release and you'll probably be OK. I'm not sure if the new kernel provided the multi-CPU detection for quicker uploads, so you may lose this enhancement.

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    i had issues imaging Dell Optiplex 320s and I agree it is a kernel issue, but also I used a Host Kernel Argument (defined by group) acpi=off. I had issues with other workstations where changing the kernel and adding a kernel argument help to deploy. It hasn't got rid of the 'ata1 soft reset failed' message but works fine.

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    I agree that FOG is the best but on this occasion i'd try something like Ghost to see what happens, or just to even get the machines going for now.

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    I had the same issue with white lines and graphics glitches on our 320s. I passed a kernel arg to set the VGA mode, can't remember which mode I chose in the end, but thats the general direction you need to be looking. Also ACPI=off helps with these machines.

    Good luck. FOG is amazing when it behaves itself.

    Edit: If you use vga=ask you will be presented with a list of modes to experiment with
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