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O/S Deployment Thread, Securing Windows Images in Technical; Hi all, First time poster, but long time reader (so thanks for all the people that have unknowingly helped over ...
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    Securing Windows Images

    Hi all,

    First time poster, but long time reader (so thanks for all the people that have unknowingly helped over the years).

    We are in the process of moving away from RM to a vanilla setup but I have come across a stumbling block that I cannot find any reference information for. We have WDS setup like so;

    1. WDS Installed (running in Native mode) on a separate server to DHCP/DNS/AD
    2. Only responds to know clients (which have been prestaged)
    3. One images (at the moment) Windows 7 Professional
    4. Unattend file for the above images that joins the domain silently
    5. A seperate PXE Unattend file that allows you to select which image you want and requires you to enter a username/password

    All works fine apart from step 5, you can enter any username/password for a domain account and it will allow you to continue to build the workstation, obviously we do not want this we only want one group of users (in this case Domain Joiners) to be allowed to see images. I have tried many times now and cannot figure out the security I need on the share and the actual image to make this work has anybody done this?

    Any help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!


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    I use pxelinux with a menu as the boot image from wds allows more flexibility. I can pxe boot any iso or continue to wds.


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