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O/S Deployment Thread, Virtualization with Hyper-V: SBS 2011 deployment advice? in Technical; I hope I've posted this in the right area and that someone is able to help. I'm kinda new on ...
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    Virtualization with Hyper-V: SBS 2011 deployment advice?

    I hope I've posted this in the right area and that someone is able to help. I'm kinda new on virtualization so try to go easy on me. I know experience counts for a lot which is why I'm hoping I can sway the attention of you good peeps with what follows. Okay, here goes...


    Migration to SBS 2011 from SBS 2008 and breakout the following onto separate servers:

    • SQL Server 2008 R2
    • Sharepoint 2010 Standard/Enterprise (PITA)
    • Remote Desktop Server

    Server Hardware:

    • Dell T410, 12GB RAM, 2x E5520 2.26GHz, 6x SAS 146GB, Perc H700 Controller, 2 NICs
    • Dell T110, 16GB RAM, 1x X3450 2.67GHz, 4x SATA2 160GB, Perc H200 Controller, 1 NIC


    Spread across ~50 users; 25 on-site connected locally to SBS + RWW; of those 25, maybe 5-10 use Remote Desktop concurrently; all access Exchange; all to eventually be using SharePoint.


    Server 1)
    Dell T410: Deploy Windows Server 2008 R2 w/Hyper-V and host SBS 2011 as a child partition. Setup a second VM w/Windows Server 2008 R2 running SQL 2008 R2 and Sharepoint 2010.

    Hard disk configuration: 3x RAID1 pairs (1 striped pair for parent; remaining 2 allocated per child).
    Memory configuration: 2GB RAM + change for Hyper-V host; 12-16GB for SBS; 8-12GB for Server/SQL/SP.

    Server 2)
    Dell T110: Windows Server 2008 R2 w/Remote Desktop Services.

    Foreseeable hardware upgrades on T410:

    12GB RAM -> 24GB (or 32GB); replace SAS to faster/higher capacity SAS2 drivers. Purchase a 3rd NIC?

    We currently have the T410 setup with SBS 2008 and the T110 as a remote desktop server; no virtualization in either instance. Since our needs have changed quite drastically over the past few months, I'm fortunate with respect to having enough foresight to have initially spec'd the T410 with growth in mind (only purchased last year) but I'd never even considered virtualization at the time. We have licenses available to cover a broad range of scenarios thanks to the charity prices offered via CTX (not to mention the additional benefits offered by Software Assurance), but I'd rather not dump all of these ancillary services onto the T110 and leave the T410 underutilised with SBS; and I don't want to purchase another machine (or two) if it can be avoided. With sufficient upgrades, I'm thinking the T410 has plenty spare capacity to amortize the majority of these said service under Hyper-V.

    I just wanted to get your thoughts on my approach and any configuration advice anyone may have given the above. Like I said, I can handle myself with most traditional small-medium scale deployments (admittedly, I'm having to study up on SharePoint and SQL Server) but I have absolutely zero experience when it comes to virtualization, hardware requirements, and resource allocation.

    Any advice, recommendations or general thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, guys.
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