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O/S Deployment Thread, Sysprep & Imaging in Technical; I know a lot of people use VMware, Virtual PC etc to create a base image that they sysprep and ...
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    Sysprep & Imaging

    I know a lot of people use VMware, Virtual PC etc to create a base image that they sysprep and then deploy to their network PCs.

    My query is how does one go about removing, say, VMware drivers from their image after sysprepping and instead it picks up the relevant ones from under 'out-of-box' drivers in MDT when deployed?

    My image works fine but at the same time you'll find in C:\Drivers there'll be the workstation's drivers as well as VMware drivers.

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    Can you just remove the folder before the sysprep? Are the drivers required for your VM to run?

    I've not used VMWare yet to create my images but my Win7 images are in Citrix Xencenter, I then run the capture/sysprep script to create the .wim, but up to now I've never had to remove anything from the root other than the MDT scripts at the end of the build (which is automatic). Maybe thats all you need is a "cleanup" script.

    But then again, if the "device" isn't present on the target machine, then it isn't going to install it.

    As an aside from an AD/GPO perspective, end users shouldn't be able to write or see local drives on fixed workstations as ideally data should be stored centrally on the network, and if its there are not it shouldn't matter to much.
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