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O/S Deployment Thread, Server down in Technical; So I came in yesterday morning at the High School and from the door outside the server room I could ...
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    Server down

    So I came in yesterday morning at the High School and from the door outside the server room I could hear this obnoxious beeping noise, which made my heart sink as we don't need another failed piece of equipment. So not to make a long story out of this I find the beeping is originating from my FOG server. The beeping is the alarm on one of the raid controllers because the raid set I have on that card has failed. Two Seagate Cheetahs have given up the ghost which is unfortunate because they contained the OS and the FOG install.

    I have tried to rebuild both the logical drive and either of the physical drives and they both fail so the drives truly are gone. The server itself is fairly old, a Gateway 930 series with dual Pentium 3's and equally aged drives. The exception though is I added another raid controller and some newer, though still quite old 15k Cheetahs from a scrapped Dell server. That's the basis of my question. The raid set on the newer controller contained the images, but not the other important part; the mysql database.

    So what chances do I have in reimporting those image files into another FOG install without the database?

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    Well as long as you can actually get the image files from the working array then you can just copy them onto a new installation. They aren't linked with the database in any way, the name will just have to match the image defintions on the new system. Just remember to match the file permissions if they get reset in transit.

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    yep messed up file permissions can really give you some troubles if you don't think about it ...

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