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O/S Deployment Thread, Image a machine with multiple partitions in Technical; Hi, why not do what we do for assesments, as we are a college we have to abide by strict ...
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    Hi, why not do what we do for assesments, as we are a college we have to abide by strict rules but we meet all the requirements of the exam board.

    So what we did was we build a suite seperate from the rest of the college, in fact it's on the 8th floor and is next to nothing so it's only that room up there. Secondly we have 40 PC's in there all locked-down with VERY strict GPO's which are doled out by machine OU's, there is no access to media player etc etc, IE will ONLY access sites that are required by the exam board - we use DG for this and block sites only on that block of IP's and any other site that is tried is logged with us on our logs for that room and is reported with the user name to the exam board. We also made over a thousand new users in AD and what happens is a certain user name is assigned to each specific student so for example 7005551 is assigned to Joe Blogss and we work with the exam board and they know which user has which user name and there password is randomly assigned the person is given this password in an email to their normal college user account which is locked out at the time of the exams for that period of time.

    If the exam board sends us files such as documents for the students to work on as part of the exam we place these in the relevant files in the new user account assigned to them.

    It is a faff about sometimes but it works and we like how it works because the admin is pretty simple as that room is always set-up for the correct Internet Access the ONLY sites in there tha tare accessed is only what the exam board specifies and that is really easy on the admin to change as it is just basically a text document.

    We did have to do alot of this virtually before we rolled it out fully just to make sure it was gonna work, and it did and we are pleased with it.

    I think the NM is talking about having a completely different image for the machines in that room separate from our network image.

    Hope this helps buddy.

    Merry Christmas
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