I've been having major issues with deploying a Windows 7 snapshot to a pc using Altiris Deployment Solution 6.9 sp4. Basically it's my first time trying to create and reinstall an image with Win7. I want to create a snapshot before dabbling in sysprep but I can't even get that far. I have also posted in Altirigos forum to see what responses I can get there but Edugeek has been excellent in the past so I thought may as well try posting it here as well.

I have created and ran a create image job with the following settings:
- Imaging tool: Rdeploy
- Pathname: I:\win7\%COMPNAME% (I'm using a token as I'm experimenting on one particular pc)
- Disable image path is unticked
- Prepare using sysprep is unticked
- Do not boot to production is ticked
- Automation preboot environment is WinPE 2.1 64bit (I am creating an image of win7 64bit operating system)

The create image job runs fine, Altiris detects the job as being finished successfully.

I then try to deploy the snapshot to the same pc I took it from using the following settings:

- Disk image file points to the correct path and disable image path validation is ticked
- prepared using sysprep is unticked
- Automatically perform configuration and boot to production are both ticked
- Use deploy anywhere hardware independant is unticked
- preboot environment is winPE 2.1 64bit

The deploy job runs fine until it needs to reboot to configure the pc. After reboot it tells me that there is no active partition!

I suspect it's related to the fact that Win7 installs two partitions and none of them has been marked as active but I was under the impression that since sp3 this problem had been resolved?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this, I know it's a bit of an essay!