I've hit a snag with my MDT 2010-based deployment. I deployed a modified Windows 7 image yesterday no problem. I've since made some changes to the image, captured it and placed it into MDT 2010. I've created a new task sequence (Standard Client Task Sequence) and made slight modifications to the unattend.xml file (set locales in oobeSystem and remove the Display key in oobeSystem as I'd rather it auto-configures that part).

The deployment works fine and according to BDD.log it sets the install phase to STATERESTORE, but then copies the LiteTouch.lnk file to the root of C:\ rather than the shared Start Menu\Start Up folder. This means the PCs reboot but the LiteTouch task doesn't continue without some intervention (namely running LiteTouch manually from C:\)

Not a huge show-stopper but an inconvenience if I want a near-completely non-interactive deployment.

Any ideas where to start looking?