Just wanted to share this on here as this was a problem that had us baffled for months. If anyone has any of the Clevo L390T all-in-one units, and wishes to install Windows 7 using SCCM 2007 OS Deployment, you must set the following in the BIOS:

Main - SATA Port 1 - 32 Bit I/O: Enabled
Advanced - Installed O/S: Vista
Advanced - SATA Mode Selection - AHCI

If these settings are not correct, the OS Task Sequence will intermittantly crash out after the first reboot in the "Setup Windows and ConfigMgr" step. The OS will be present and working, but the task sequence will not initialise and you will be left with a dead SCCM client and any post image steps will not be run.

Hope this is of use to someone