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O/S Deployment Thread, Migrating to a new server in Technical; Hi everyone! I installed FOG 6 months ago on a random PC to test it out. Due to its stellar ...
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    Question Migrating to a new server

    Hi everyone!

    I installed FOG 6 months ago on a random PC to test it out. Due to its stellar performance I put in for a new server funding dedicated to it and have only just recieved the funds for this.

    My problem is that I have got over 100 hosts and about 6 images plus some snapins. How do I go about moving the whole FOG installation to another box with a different IP address but also have all the current hosts talk to the new server? Both FOG boxes are running Ubuntu if it makes a difference.

    Has anyone done this?


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    It would be easier to:

    set up the new server with a new address,
    install Fog from scratch,
    transfer your images and snapins (just use something simple to transfer across the network then match the permissions with the old fog server),
    transfer your database (use sqldump on old server, then import on the new server),
    reset the passwords (this is the wooly bit that most people need help with as there are a few passwords scattered in various config files),
    Then switch the IP addresses of the two servers and see if it works, the clients shouldn't know the difference. If you are using DNS entries then you'd have to switch the DNS entries.

    I've done this before, and along the way have broken pretty much every part of it but normally a mixture of common sense, checking the fog forum, and comparing the old server to the new one will get the job done.

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    Have a look on the FOG wiki... you can use the backup routine to backup the SQL data base and then copy across the file and restore it on you new server.

    You can also copy across the images using the rsync command...

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    I now need to do this anyone got any links to a guide?

    going from FOG 0.29 > Fog 0.32 will I have any problems?

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