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    Updated to FOG 0.29 and now one lab of PCs wont boot

    Hi all,

    I recently decided that our current FOG ‘server’ (old P4, 512mb PC with a 500 GB HDD) needed replacing and I had an no name server that was free so I installed Ubuntu 10.04 Server and FOG 0.29 on it, copied our images across and exported the hosts.

    It all went smoothly but then I got a call this morning saying that a lab of computers wouldn’t boot when I went to look load up the PXE Linux fine, with the ascii art thing that says FOG but then go to “booting from local hard disk” and freeze. They won’t even reboot when I hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete. I can hit esc to skip PXE and they boot with out issues so I removed PXE boot form our DHCP scope for now but I can’t work out why they won’t boot? All the other PCs in the school are fine and they did work when we had 0.28 on Ubuntu 9.10 Server, I have tried to update the kernel to newer and older versions (using the Tab under About>Kernel updates) but had no luck getting them going.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    You might need to put the kernel in the details of the host and possible a switch.
    For the Lenovo Laptops we have, I have:
    Host Kernel: fog/kernel/2.6.25-4
    Host Kernel Arguments: irqpoll

    You might need some options in the arguments bit? - Could be a long shot...

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