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O/S Deployment Thread, PXE booting and bootfiles in Technical; Right then, I have a Fujitsu PC which has had a new mainboard. Befor the change it PEX booted fine, ...
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    PXE booting and bootfiles

    Right then,

    I have a Fujitsu PC which has had a new mainboard. Befor the change it PEX booted fine, now it hangs at the following point:-

    Downloaded: WDSNBP...

    Architecture: x64
    Contacting Server: xx xxx.xx.xx
    TFTP Download: boot\x64\pxeboot.n12

    Now I am not really upto speed with the nuts and bolts of PXE booting but my understanding is that the firmware on the NIC informs the WDS server of the architecture in use is this right?
    If it is this is my problem as I have no x64 boot files and alll my clients are x86 is this why it is hanging at this point.

    BTW WDS works fine with all my other clients including the type I am trying to fault - in fact I don't even see the responses shown above normally.
    Sorry for the rambling question



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    There is a fix for this and I applied it many years ago you have to disable autodetecthardware or something similar to that, just found it WDSUTIL /set-server /architecturediscovery:no or it may need to be set to yes, can't remember which way round it is.

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    x86 boot images work on x64 hardware as i dont see the point of an x64 boot image all my boiot images even for deploying 64bit windws are x86 makes no odds other way round wont work but most even remotely recent hardware is x64 anyway

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