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O/S Deployment Thread, Sysprep for Fog in Technical; I should have probably mentioned that these computers are at 5 different locations and it would be very desirable for ...
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    I should have probably mentioned that these computers are at 5 different locations and it would be very desirable for me travel-wise if I could manage Windows security and general application updates on these boxes using images - perhaps once a month.

    I think FOG can handle adding the hostname and AD membership for me, but I have to be able to have them basically up and running after each re-imaging with as little Windows setup as req'd. Or if there is any, hopefully it can be scripted.

    thanks again,

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    Quote Originally Posted by emaynard View Post
    SSX, since you offered, i am going to pick your brain. I read your post on DSL Reports and I think that I may have broken the triad. Here is my situation:

    I have 30 Acer Desktops that I want to use FOG to maintain. Initially, I sysprep'd and used CloneZilla to replicate the Acer provided XP image to all the desktops. In my sysprep.inf file, I used the SLP key that is at this in the TechNet article you linked to in hopes of preserving the OEM activation on all the PCs. It appeared to work as I did not receive any kind of activation messages.

    Now, I have run into a problem after setting up FOG and attempting to re-image (with updates applied) where sysprep is stating "grace period has been reached" and it appears to force me into re-running the full Windows setup including inputing the product key. The COA on these units was for Vista Business OEM, but I purchased with OEM XP downgrade discs.

    So, my question is if I am going to have to somehow capture (convert?) the OEM image on the DVDs into a (sysprep'd?) FOG image so that I can keep the triad you mention in the DSL Report forum post.

    Do you know of any shortcuts to this process as I would rather not have to start over if not necessary?

    Your willingness to share advice/experience is greatly appreciated.

    There could be a few things here, let me bullet point them first and talk about them as I go along here.

    #1. Your new image may have a different set of oembios files included in the unit
    #2. Did you apply any bios updates on the pc since it has been imaged
    #3. Did you just apply windows updates, or did you change any other hardware out?
    #4. When you "recaptured" the image did you reset the initial grace period? Did you do a -mini -reseal option? What options did you choose?

    The first thing to check when it comes systems not passing WGA after sysprep is to look at the base unit and determine which of the 3 parts of SLP 1.0 is busted.

    We know that your hardware hasn't changed (other than perhaps a bios update, but I doubt you did that). That means either the key is invalid, you forgot to reseal the image properly, or you have the wrong oembios files in the System32 directory.

    Do me a favor and please run Microsoft's MGADIAG and paste the results here. By default it blots out the key, so you should be fine. Link here - http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&sourc...0E8HdZU85ltbAA

    The second thing to check is your computer's bios CRC check, to validate / make sure that you are using the correct oembios files on your install image. You can check this by running this tool - The Windows XP OEMBIOS Archive

    It will output a CRC= field and it should be 700A8481 or 717B6EF3 if you are running an acer system.

    What I would do in your situation is download oemscan and run it on one of the affected boxes. This is the easiest fix going forward..... it will verify your bios and apply the proper files to the system. You can download oemscan here - OEMSCAN_ADDON_MULTIOEM v1.8 - Siginet Software Forums
    You can download the oembios files here - OEMBIOS Repository

    There are really good directions on oemscan (I helped write em at one point). If you need help let me know.

    Once you run oemscan and it finds the correct files and inserts them into your system, restart the box and re-run mgadiag.exe

    I know that SLP 2.0 and SLP 2.1 hardware is backwards compatible with SLP 1.0 (the bios contain strings that activate XP and Vista depending on the hardware and COA compliance you have.

    Going forward.... I would check your image, it sounds like something did not get re-sealed properly, or you have the wrong oembios files in your image. Both can be easily fixed, and you can even write a snapin for Fog to push the changes to the computers if you need (write a snapin for oemscan).

    Hope this helps

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    Wow! I am going to need some time to digest all this info and try out some of your suggestions. many many thanks.

    Just to provide answers to your questions:

    NO hardware changes.
    NO BIOS upgrades.
    I did remove all the pre-installed junk (can InstallRite do this maybe?) applications
    I can't recall the exact steps I took in re-sealing the image, but I am pretty certain that it was using the -mini and -reseal options.
    Pretty certain that I did *not* use Factory in the process.

    I will get back to you on the info you requested to be posted.

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