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O/S Deployment Thread, The Perfect RM OS and Package Deployment? in Technical; Hi Gang In the middle of complete CC3 rebuilds and our package install is a bit hit and miss with ...
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    The Perfect RM OS and Package Deployment?

    Hi Gang

    In the middle of complete CC3 rebuilds and our package install is a bit hit and miss with me having to go to the package deployment folder and edit the .ini file to change the INSTALL_FAILED to INSTALL_PENDING. Different packages on different machines.

    Does anyone know what causes this and is there any solutions to prevent it from happening..

    All your tips gratefully received.

    Andy Turpie

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    This can occur for a number of reasons, the most likely being if you are trying to build or allocate out to many packages to a large number of machines at a time. Or if the packages are naff. i.e lots of old packages created using the application wizard or are missing dependancies.

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    Other possible causes include, the default CU key has changed the User Shell Folders Personal value to N:\, causing the installation to try and contact a drive mapping which doesn't exist in the local system context.

    Or, we've also seen it intermittently fail because software restrictions policy has incorrectly blocked it. I assumed this is caused by App Agent running while security settings are being applied. RM never manage to identify the cause or fix this.

    Whatever the cause, it should be reported in the Windows Application event log on the affected workstations.

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