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O/S Deployment Thread, Partition Resizing for a newbie in Technical; Sorry if this is a real newbie question..setup my first FOG server this afternoon at work and didn't get a ...
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    Partition Resizing for a newbie

    Sorry if this is a real newbie question..setup my first FOG server this afternoon at work and didn't get a proper chance to play with it and i've still got a few niggling questions.

    When I created an image from my test workstation, FOG resized the partition down to just over 6Gb to make the image. Once the imaging process was done, the machine rebooted and I was left with a C: drive of 6Gb. When I deploy that image onto another workstation, will it partition the drive in the same way or will it use up the whole drive as I have experienced before when using Ghost?

    Cheers for any advice.

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    This has happened to be before with FOG but only once. And it happened because I shut down the imaging before it was completed.

    Basically FOG backs up SDA1 (partition 1) and compresses it with Gzip. It can then be deployed to any other hard drive regardless of size and expands it.

    Make sure that your base computer (original) has a full expanded hard drive partition so it "sees" all of the space allowed.

    Download Gparted and expand your computer's hdd image to 100%. Re-image and let me know what happens.

    Also please tell us what the make / model is of your pc. Also the hdd make / model / size would be helpful.

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