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O/S Deployment Thread, Drivers, sysprep and Mini Setup in Technical; Come across this problem a few times and managed to work around but though I would see if there is ...
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    Drivers, sysprep and Mini Setup

    Come across this problem a few times and managed to work around but though I would see if there is a better solution.

    The problem:
    To image a machine I put the relevant drivers in c:\sysprep\drivers then use a piece of software I have to put the location in the registry. After uploading the image, mini-setup runs and usually finds the all drivers. Occasionally the setup stops as it can't find the correct .dll. If you skip this device then setup completes fine but leaves an uninstalled device. If I then go ahead and update the drivers but use the drivers I originally placed in c:\sysprep\drivers then the device is installed ok.

    The issue appears to be that the .dll is there but not with the name that is expected during mini setup. For example I just imaged a machine and it asked for a .dll, lets call it 'file.dll', but the drivers file actually contains a file called 'file_v1.1.dll'.

    I have had some success with renaming the file but is there a better way of going about this?

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    Have you considered using Bashrat the Sneaky's Driver Packs since they are tested to work, you can use the KTD "Keep The Drivers" option to leave them on the HDD and therefore part of the image when it's sysprepped.

    I can't say that I've tried it or that it will work ... but it may be worth a try.

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