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O/S Deployment Thread, Version 0.28 released in Technical; Version 0.28 ------------ Release date: September 28th, 2009 *Updated Kernel to version *Fixed issue with multicasting a mutli-part image ...
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    Version 0.28 released

    Version 0.28

    Release date: September 28th, 2009

    *Updated Kernel to version
    *Fixed issue with multicasting a mutli-part image for windows 7
    *Added ajax based active task listing
    *Added nombr kernel option which will not blow away mbr (Thanks Line Noise)
    *If storage node MAX_CLIENTS is set to 0, it is no longer a random candidate.
    *Updated syslinux to version 3.82
    *Added client information to pxe menu.
    *Installation script checks if it is being run as root.
    *Fixed tftp installation to NOT overwrite customizations.
    *Fixed HD information on hardware info page (2857507).
    *Added ability to add custom PXE menu items.
    *Decreased loading time for login page.
    *Fixed typo in tasks.advanced.include.php
    *Replaced append argument "quiet" with loglevel=4
    *Added Hidden Menu option to PXE Menu builder
    *Added primary group to host quick info section. (Thanks sam wilson)

    Seems like some pretty nice changes. Especially the PXE menu items (which I have been having to manually edit for awhile)

    I'm building the new version on my VMWare server and testing it out. I'll have screen shots of the changes by lunch today + a review.

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    Ric_ (28th September 2009)

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    Im just downloading it onto a FOG Machine im about to install in a school tomorrow

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