Ok getting an odd issue here with WDS:

2 servers WDS Server & DC (with AD/DNS/DHCP both 2k8 SP2), etc
Image OS - Windows 7

I have delegated control to WDS Server for the "WDS" OU where new clients should be placed.

Boot client, authorise it in WDS giving it a name, ne PC appears in the WDS OU with given name
Image the client using an Unattend Answer file
PC joins domain


When I log in I find it has a Randomly generated name from WDS and has been added to Ad in the "Computers" Container

I also still have the account that as created with the correct name during WDS Approval and holds all the GUID/UUID info needed by WDS

I cannot rename the comp to the desired name as it already exists in AD
I cannot delete the correct name as WDS will refuse to boot the machine again..

Is this a Windows 7 quirk or am I doing something wrong