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O/S Deployment Thread, Need to add diskpart to my wds server in Technical; Hi All Can someone tell me the easiest way to add an image to my wds server so i can ...
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    Need to add diskpart to my wds server

    Hi All

    Can someone tell me the easiest way to add an image to my wds server so i can run diskpart to wipe laptop hard drives before I deploy an imag to them.

    The problem i have is that i can deploy an image and capture an image.
    After the image has been deployed I am getting the hall.dll error.
    I know if I boot to comand prompt and do a diskpart i should be able to get rid of any hidden partitions on the hard dive.
    The only problem is I am not sure how to set it up on the server


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    If you read the instructions ( also search around on edugeek ) there are a few WDS posts / wikis

    From what I have found you will need to ammend the unattend.xml file so that extend is true and the size is left blank - that way it will use the full disk size / capacity when it wipes the drive

    Tips for beginners

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    The easiest way to get a command prompt is to add a Windows AIK image which will give you a fully functional prompt:

    Download details: Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Server 2008

    You can add other tools to this image to make it even more usefull.

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    Thanks for your reply guys.

    I have now sorted it the simplest way was as follows.

    In the Start menu – navigate to All Programs/Microsoft Windows AIK and run the Windows PE Tools command prompt as an Administrator
    At the command prompt – create a temp directory – such as MD c:\temp then run set temp=c:\temp and set tmp=c:\temp
    run copype x86 c:\PEBuild (this copies the PE Source to a new directory that we will use for constructing our image- if you needed the AMD64 source then replace x86 with amd64)

    Then if you open the deployment services from the server.
    Navigate to the Boot images folder.
    Right click and select add boot image
    Click the browse button and navigate to the c:\PEBuild
    Select the winpe.wim file
    Then name it as whatever you want to see in the boot menu. I have called mine wipe disk.
    Then press next until it is finished.
    Once it has loaded boot your machine via the pxe and then select the new image you have created.
    wait for the comand prompt to appear.
    then type in
    select disk 0
    Then type exit and exit again and the machine will restart.

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