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O/S Deployment Thread, Symantec Ghost running extremely slow in Technical; HI, Im trying to ghost school laptops and whenever I have more than one in a multisession it runs around ...
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    Symantec Ghost running extremely slow


    Im trying to ghost school laptops and whenever I have more than one in a multisession it runs around 300-400mb/min.

    I've tryed Yukon drivers, PXE drivers, Universal Driver package 2 and they all work well when ghosting a single machine.

    Now its running at about 20mb/min. We've used ghost before and it worked a treat. We could clone 42 machines at 200+mb/min.

    Does anyone know what might be wrong?

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    How are you ghosting, using the ghost cast server or just connecting a mapped drive?

    If you are using a mapped drive it will be because you may have old switches that do not support layer 2/3 thus you are asking for a feed for each computer you are ghosting, this is called unicast and can slow the network down alot.

    If you use the ghost cast server then you can multicast as this will help network congestion as it sends out packets that more than one recipient can pickup, thus lowering the amount of data flowing accross your network as there is only 1 stream of ghost packets not hundreds. See [ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multicast]Multicast - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame] for more info


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    its also worth bearing in mind some network cards arnt much cop in ghost whatever drivers you use.

    TBH it could be almost anything switches (not even old just not set right ) mode server getting swamped options on the bootdisk i often but things like -noide -noscsi -nolilo -nousb in the ghost cast options as that can help and on some pcs fails if you dont

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    Check for flow control being enabled on your switches.

    This drags the speed of a multicast down to the slowest device connected to network.

    We found that certain network cards drop their speed to 10MBit when the PC is powered off but not disconnected at the wall socket, these machines would drag the multicast sessions down to the levels you are experiencing.

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