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O/S Deployment Thread, clonezilla Help in Technical; Hi, i am trying to image one dell optiplex 755. 150HDD. i dont have a usb HDD. when come to ...
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    i am trying to image one dell optiplex 755. 150HDD. i dont have a usb HDD. when come to the point where do you want to save your Image? where can i save it? i think i cant save the image same as the imaging volume( eg. C drive).
    how do i save this to our server? will it take 150 gb space? please help.

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    I always use an external USB HDD to save the images on when using it at home with my own stuff. Not sure about saving it to the server as i have never tried. Have you not got another hard disk lying around you could pop into the machine to back the image on to? Perhaps use this to store standard images and transfer them to a server later?

    It will only take up the size of the image on the computer. If your HDD is 150GB maximum capacity and the space used by the OS and files is only 10GB on the disk, then the image will only be 10GB or less as it compresses it i believe.

    Others may be able to confirm the network backup details as i cant remember what options there were. If i remember right, you can not back up to the same drive and it does warn you about this. Probably because you would have to restore the disk over itself and thus wipe the backup should you try to restore it. Programs like Acronis usually create a hidden partition to prevent you from doing this but i don't think Clonezilla does that.

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    You might want to have a look at FOG :: A Computer Cloning Solution - Home this is a great imaging open source project!

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    I use Clonezilla and save/resore images from a network share.

    Check out the SAMBA connection option in Clonezilla menu. Give it your servers IP, Domain, share, administrator name and password.

    Job done.

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